Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bringing in the New School Year With a Team Gift!

School starts in exactly three weeks and I have to say I work with the best team ever! I already love working with them, so I thought I'd make everyone a small gift bag to start the year off! I have 6 teachers in my 7th grade ELA cohort and 4 teachers in my "family/team." With that being said I needed 10 gifts. I don't have a ton of money since I'm switching district and my former district issued my last paycheck at the end of July and I don't get paid from my new district until September 15th. The gifts I choose to get were very cost efficient and I will give you a great down below.

Contents of each bag: 
  • Box of Starburst (Dollar Tree - $1)
  • 4-pack Bic Velocity Bold Pens (Staples - on sale this week for $1)
  • Royal Blue Sharpie (Our school color) - (Office Depot - on sale this week for $.25)
  • Bag of Popcorn - (Box of 3 at Dollar Tree for $1, $.33 cents each)
  • Chiclets Gum - (Package of 6 at Dollar Tree for $1, $.17 cents each)
  • Blue and Green Gift Bags - (Package of 13 at Joann's for $6, .46 cents each)

Total Price for each gift bag filled with goodies - JUST $3.47 each! ($3.76 with local tax)
Total price for all 10 gift bags - $34.70. ($37.56 with local tax)

I made the labels quickly in PowerPoint and was sure to include our Gator mascot and school colors, blue and white.

This gift idea was inspired by Steven over at The Superhero Teacher! His Instagram post last week gave me the idea to do something nice for my team! Thanks, Steven! :) He teaches middle school ELA the button below to visit his blog and follow!



  1. You're so sweet :) And that's a great idea!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  2. Looks awesome, buddy! I am always happy to be an inspiration and I'll go ahead and say it...Our teams are lucky to have us, haha! Hope they enjoy it and thanks for the shout out.

  3. What a nice idea. I teach preschool and might do something like this for my team too. I have a daughter going into 7th grade. I hope her ELA teacher is as great as you!