Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2014/2015 Classroom Reveal!

This is my first official week on inservice and it's a miracle that I have time to post. I'm actually just procrastinating...I have a ton of other things I should have done before the blog post, but oh well! Haha! :)

I'd like to apologize in advance for the reflections/blurriness on some of the pictures. I tried everything I could, but the lights in my room are so bright and every time I take a pic it reflects off the lamination on the posters, etc.


Outside of room

View from door

View from back corner

My desk area

This is a double sided rolling shelf. On the other side I have the literature textbooks, dictionaries, and thesauri.

Each wall

These cabinets are blank because during the first few days all of my classes will create goal/college pennant flags and I will display them on the cabinets. We have open house on the fourth day of school, Thursday, August 28th! Eeek!

Love my data wall! I used Incentive charts by Creative Teaching Press to track data! Objectives will go across the top and students names or ID numbers will down on the left. Once they master a certain objective they get to put a book or pencil sticker on their chart. Those were also courtesy of CTP!

Reading Area

Interactive Notebook storages

Chair for sharing our writing

Student table for turning in work, getting bell work, etc.

Student desks/groups

Each table has a caddy name after an author with four pencil boxes. Each pencil box has a pen, pencil, dry erase marker, highlighter, eraser, and glue stick. There are also two hand held pencil sharpeners in each caddy. The little pails are for trash to minimize students getting up. Students are assigned a numbered desk to sit at an must use the corresponding pencil box with the same number on it.

Panoramic pictures

I don't have time to type much, but if you have any questions or comments please let me know!


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  1. It looks great!! So excited to see what goes on in your room this year.
    Learning to be awesome